The Short Story: Altamira is a creative boutique based in Richmond, Virginia.
We love meeting new couples and capturing their love stories. We offer both photography and cinematography, either independently or as a package. Our team has shot hundreds of weddings, and we strive to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly.

The Long Story: We created our parent company Altamira Film Co. four years ago. At that time it was just an idea – we really didn’t know what we were getting in to. But we started practicing – a lot. We shot senior portraits, music videos, weddings, concerts… anything we could really… and the business began to grow. Since then we’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome clients. We’ve shot corporate videos for boatyards, barnyards, hotels, and universities. We’ve worked with dancers, athletes, and international artists. And we’ve shot photos & films for hundreds of couples. As our wedding business continued to grow,  we wanted to create a gallery exclusively dedicated to wedding photography and cinematography. With that, we’re proud to introduce our sister company: Altamira Weddings. Thank you for your interest in our work – we’d love to help tell your story.


Cory Hammons

Partner // Photographer

Nick Marfing

Partner // Cinematographer

Ross Gerhold

Cinematographer // Editor

Gavin Stout

Editor // Colorist

Sydney Arnette

Photographer // Editor